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Luxury vinyl is one of the fastest growing flooring categories out there, and is becoming popular with homeowners and business owners alike. With luxury vinyl flooring, you can have authentic high-end looks without having to go over your budget. Carpet One Floor & Home in Panama City is your local retailer for all things luxury vinyl, and we can help you find an affordable alternative to natural tile flooring. Luxury vinyl tiles come with several different benefits and features that make them a great alternative to natural tile flooring.

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Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

If you are looking for an affordable alternative to natural stone and tile flooring, then consider luxury vinyl tiles. What makes luxury vinyl tiles popular is that there is no risk of cracking or chipping due to constant foot traffic. The thick, multilayer construction makes luxury vinyl tiles durable and more comfortable to walk on all day. Many luxury vinyl tiles are built with commercial grade quality, so you know you are buying a floor that is made to last years in your home.

Like natural stone and tile, luxury vinyl tiles come in a wide assortment of colors, styles, patterns and more to choose. Mosaic and subway tile patterns are popular among contemporary stylists. Make your home stand out from the rest and create your own unique flooring design. Mixing multiple tile shapes and colors can result in a unique and eye catching statement.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Care and Installation

Luxury vinyl is just as easy to care for as natural tile. As long as you keep a regular cleaning schedule and clean up messes as soon as you can, you won’t have to worry about your flooring looking dull. Many luxury vinyl tile options feature stain resistant surfaces, so if you miss a spill there is no need to worry.

Compared to natural tiles, luxury vinyl tiles are much easier to install and come in either click or peel-and-stick options. You can install luxury vinyl tiles over most existing subfloors.

To learn even more about luxury vinyl tiles and to see our full collection, be sure to visit our showroom!

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