• Sep 03, 2013
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Extend that Summer Glow with Yellow

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Kids are back in school and summer vacations are now fond memories. If you love the warmth and energy of summer, yellow home décor could be just what you’re looking for. We're not talking safe, standard buttercup yellow. Give your home some serious shine with bright, energetic shades of sunny yellow. There's no need to be afraid of yellow. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how you could incorporate yellow into your decor.

Add pops of yellow throughout your room to let the sun shine in even when there isn't any. Window treatments, accessories, and throw pillows are a great way to add some color. And don't worry, you can easily change any of them. When you're going bright, you can keep the color from being too overwhelming by using neutral colors like the light beige carpet and sofas in this room.


Photo: Carpet One Floor & Home. Features Innovia Touch carpet.


If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, a bright yellow paint on an accent wall adds add a punch of energy into an otherwise simple room. Here, the yellow draws attention to some great wall art almost like a big picture frame.


Photo: Benjamin Moore. Features the Vineyard Wall Tattoo. 



If the bright primary hue isn't your favorite, you can still capture that summer warmth with a more golden version. You still add brightness that gives off warmth and energy. Incorporate golden shades in artwork and accessories like this warm bedroom.



Photo: Carpet One Floor & Home. Features Innovia Touch carpet.

If yellow is your favorite happy color, go ahead and go all out! It’s definitely not for everyone but you can make yellow your statement color. Use different shades of yellow to create a bright energetic room with lots of dimension. Not matter what time of year it is, you’ll be able to pull out your shades and flip-flops and remember that warm glow of summer.


Photo: iStockPhoto.com

Want to see more ideas on using in your home? Check lots of  yellow inspiration on Pinterest. How have you used yellow in your home decor?

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